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One of our most prized acquisitions is a case containing NUMEROUS 16 inch transcription discs donated by the widow of Beverly Brown, who produced many radio shows dating back to the 1940's. We have over 100 of these shows and the turntables to play them. Unfortunately, the turntables are not in working order, but we hope to repair them soon. Meanwhile, we have contacts in the area who are putting some discs on cassette. We plan to eventually transfer these to CD Rom.

On top of the case you will notice an early model of a table-top TV set which was donated by board member Noah Robert (Row-BEAR).

We managed to save FOUR 1-inch Video recorders and one-and-a-half TWO-inch machines, a film chain and editing equipment when a TV station was throwing them out.

VTR Machines (1-inch tape and 2-inch tape)

Film Chain

Doug Booth, an engineer, got two teletype machines from the Associated Press when they were through with them.
AP Teletype Machines

We were promised microphones and other equipment when a local radio station was sold and upgrading to digital equipment, but somebody beat us to them.

We did take pictures of the studios and DJ Bob "Bo-Mid" Middleton.
"BO" Middleton

We were given a console and monitoring meters from WADU when it was sold/leased.
WADU audio console

Francis "Jake" Jacobs (see WWL Page 2) donated a turntable, reel-to-reel tape recorder and several microphones. We hope to get copies of a lot of his memroribilia from his family.