Due to a lack of funding and general interest on the part of local broadcasters, we have had to shelve plans for a actual museum and have opted for an INTERNET MUSEUM until such time as interest is generated again. Meanwhile, we have collected numerous artifacts and pieces of equipment which remains in storage.

We have found a proposed site for the museum and have recently had an infusion of new board members. A GALA fund raiser is being planned for mid-May. Stay tuned for further details. We now have a free voice mail number. If you have questions or suggestions, call or email us. Leave your email address and we will respond ASAP. The phone number: 1-877-448-8540. Email us direct to: bam.secretary@usa.net We are collecting vintage radio and television equipment while working to create a museum that will show how broadcasting evolved. This will stress the New Orleans area contributions to the art form but not be limited to this area. We already have a lot of equipment which has been donated, with much more promised in the near future. A major reason for the museum is to educate those interested in how things were done in the early days, including sound effects, editing, etc. Several of our fellow broadcasters have passed away in the past couple of years. We wish to honor them on the following page: Requiem In Pace Sept. 9, 1999 The board of Directors of New Orleans Radio Theatre, Inc. recently voted to end the project to create a Radio & TV museum in the New Orleans area. As of August 11, 1999, the board of directors of the Broadcast Arts Museum of Greater New Orleans was dissolved and the whole project halted. There have now been a couple of developments : After I sent out a "final report" by fax and email to many interested parties there were a couple of major developments: we got an extension on the storage space (and a few hundred feet more), AND: we have been tentatively offered an HISTORIC building for the museum!!! We will have to raise the funds to BUY it, but with the historic designation, it should prove easier. It was the home of Confederate General Twiggs, who was forced to turn it over to General "Spoons" Butler when the Union soldiers occupied New Orleans. We have reinstituted the board of directors with some new blood as well as those who took part before. Progress Report Contact: Charlie Matkin Phone: (504) 283-2892/Fax: (504) 282-6404 New Orleans, LA 70124 - The Advisory Board of the Broadcast Arts Museum of Greater New Orleans, a presentation of New Orleans Radio Theatre, Inc., met in its inaugural session Wednesday, July 16th, 1998. In attendance were community activist Mickey Easterling, businessman Herbert Halpern, advertising agency executive Peter Mayer, former broadcasters Al Braud and Charlie Matkin, actor and former school teacher Peter Gabb, video production executive Connie Quave and TV producer/director Paul Yacich. The officers of NORT (Matkin, Gabb, Quave and Yacich) were appointed temporary officers of the museum. State Representative Melinda Schegmann, meteorologist and TV personality Nash Roberts, broadcasters Warren Bell and Larry Lorenz, C.P.A. William Koonce and attorney Mark Doherty, were not in attendence due to prior committments. Among the matters discussed at the inaugural meeting was the primary goal of acquiring a major storage facility for the extensive amount of vintage radio and television equipment and memorabilia already collected. In addition, various potential sites for the museum itself are under review You may see photos of the former WBYU-AM Studios by clicking here You may visit the home page of New Orleans Radio Theatre, Inc. by clicking here. We have begun to list donations received. You may see the list here Prospective Board Members Updates! Signed up on 04/18/02 11:09:52, in process of adding photos. Interest is: Collecting Vintage Broadcast Equipment. The description of my page is: Radio & TV Museum Old Time Radio Radio Re-Creations Email us at broadcastmuseum@lycos.com or radiotheatre@neworleans.com. In the meantime. Please come back soon and visit us. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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