WDSU-TV Engineers and some of their equipment on the Government Dock
on the island of Bimini

In the picture above, the WDSU-TV engineeers are shown taking a break from unloading the "tons" of equipment required to produce the "Wide, Wide World" LIVE TV program originating on the island of Bimini. From top to bottom and left to right are Jack Hirsch - electrician and Joe Budde - Cameraman. In the next row: Bert Reimer and Vince Pinot. The Next row shows Sid Ettenger - cameraman, Lou Yarborough, Paul Yacich, and Tom Metz - engineers. Next are F. "Phil" DeGenova, Bob Grevemberg, Sr. and XXXXXXXX - engineers. Next, with his back to the camera, is Bill Laughlin - engineer. Vince Pinot, John Dickinson, and Paul Yacich traveled with the equipment from Miami to Bimini aboard the corvette. The rest of the crew flew via BOAC.

In the process of unloading the converted Canadian corvette (picture below) are (left to right): a Bimini dock worker, Vince Pinot, Bert Reimer, Paul Yacich, Sid Ettenger, another Bimini dock worker, Edward Tong and an unidentified person, Robert Grevemberg, Sr., and another unidentified person.
WDSU-TV cameras around the island

After the "Wide, Wide World program (a three hour LIVE program)was over, all of the equipment, including the channel 8 television transmitter, was returned to New Orleans. The transmitter was eventually installed in the Hibernia Bank Bldg. for WYES-TV when WDSU-TV moved it's transmitter to Chalmette, LA. Later, WYES-TV changed its spot on the TV set dial to Channel 12, in a channel swap with WVUE-TV, so that the commercial facility WVUE-TV could run full power on Channel 8.