Joined WDSU prior to 1948

At WDSU Radio... continued with WDSU-TV...and for a few years,
some worked both Radio and TV facilities.

Andrus, Aaron (D) Engineer

Dickenson, John (D) Engineer

Green, Connie - Continuity (Retired)
800 Moss St. N.O. LA 70119

Hill, Roy – Announcer

Holzenthal, Paul - Eng. (Retired)
65 Gus Baldwin Rd. Pearl River, LA 70452

Kennedy, Evelyn - Continuity

Liuzza, Ray - Promotion (now Hotel Owner/Operator) N. O.

Otto, Lydia (D) – Accounting

Paul, Fred "Fritz" – Announcer..became owner of Gentilly Art Theater)

Riddle, Lindsey G. - Chief Eng. (Retired)
GNOBA Hall Of Fame
5646 Bellair Dr. N.O. LA. 70124

Rose Wetzel (D) – Continuity, Film Librarian

Yacich, Paul – Engineer, TV Producer/Director (Retired)
GNOBA Hall Of Fame
7364 Beryl St. N.O. LA 70124

Joined WDSU-TV in 1948

Anderson, Richard - Engineer

Bryant, Naomi (later Mrs. Mel Leavitt) - Talent N.O.
Hostess of "SEEING STARS" (Music and celebrity info)
Hostess of “PIE-FACE"...a celebrity identification contest.

Culbertson, Billy Joe - Eng. (Later moved to Galveston, TX)

DeGenova, Felix "Phil" (D) - Engineering Supervisor

Dodd, Carlos - Engineering Supervisor

Douglas, Lola – Traffic

Dowty, Byron - Announcer…First TV sportscaster in LA

Evans, Claude – Announcer “Our House” (w/Vera Massey)

Flowers, Tiger - Announcer, News and Sports

Kirk, Michael - Projectionist
Became owner Mardi Gras Doubloon Sales Company

Hirsch, Jack - Electrician (Retired)

Landry, Jim (D) – Announcer

Otto, J. Lowell - Asst. Ch. Engineer

Tong, Edward - Asst. Ch. Engineer

Woods, Harry – Announcer

Wolfe, Roger – Announcer
Host of Dixieland music program (WDSU Radio)
Host of Fairgrounds Thoroughbred Racing program

Joined WDSU-TV after 1948 and prior to 1972

Abbott, Bill - News (Now entertainment atty. in N.O.)

Adragna, Anna

Agnelly, Floyd - News camera (Retired)
205 E. Prosper Chalmette, LA 70043

Allen, Ed

Allen, Earl (D) – Floor Director

Alexander, Jack - Announcer/Talent

Barnes, George – Announcer – became Heart Assn. PR manager

Bass, Emile – Building Maintenance

Bell, Damian - News Prod. Asst.
3716 Pauger St.
N.O. LA 70122

Bell, Norman - Music Dir. (before Pete Lauderman)
Note: Norman was first Afro-American to be
hired in upper level TV position in Louisiana

Bell, Rebecca - News Reporter (Later w/NBC News)

Bickle, Robert (D) - Operations Dir. (Retired)
935 Lancelot Dr. N.O. LA 70127

Birdlow, Ellen – Building Maintenance

Bonner, Mark W. - Floor Dir.
1435 Fern St. N.O. LA 70118

Bourgeois, Arnold - Eng.
32 Chatham Dr. N.O. LA 70122

Brooks, Maggie - Talent (Singer)
Hostess of "MAGGIE AND ME SNAKE" w/Frankie Ray (below)

Brown, Pat - News Reporter
773 Yale St. Metairie, LA 70002

Brun, Jeanne – Secretary

Budde, Joe - Cameraman (Retired)
Only male ever allowed to enter inner sanctum of a Carmelite
nunnery (on N. Rampart Street in New Orleans) with a camera.
One of few photographers to film from the cockpit of a "BLUE
ANGELS" jet as the famed area acrobatic team was performing.
Also climbed to the top of the 1100 foot Ch. 6 antenna tower
in Chalmette to film WDSU engineers working inside the tower.
3208 Cadiz St. N.O. LA 70125

Burch, Maurice "Buddy" - Radio salesman
Appeared in many skits on "MIDDAY" w/Reggie Hendry and Ellen Hardeman.

Bujol, Victor – Building Maintenance
8611 Oak St. N.O. LA 70118

Cain, Ollie – Announcer

Carney, Kirk - News- Reporter
5020 Sanford St. Metairie, LA

Cardriche, Lilly E.

Carr, Bob and Jan - Talent “Midday” and “Second Cup”
926 Esplanade Ave. N.O. LA

Carroll, Jerome

Carter, Joan – Reception and PBX

Charbonnet, Frank D. – TV Sales
7730 Waklmsley Ave. N.O. LA 70125

Charles, Brenda J. - Intern
2027 Royal St. N.O. LA 70116

Charles, Howard

Chase, Brandon - News Anchor (Later N.Y. Became feature movie producer.

Cohen, Stan - Promotion and Pgm. Planning

Clarke, Lorenzo G. Jr. - Public Affairs Dir.
6016 Providence Pl. N.O. LA 70126

Corporon, John - News Dir. (Later mgr. Wash. Post TV stations)
GNOBA Hall of Fame
671 Tenth St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 11215

Copponex, Rupert - Floor Dir.
Member of a singing roup composed of Kathy Copponex(wife),
Maggie Brooks and Steve Loyacano (Lord)...performing on
"Midday". Left to join WWL-TV later w/NFL Films,Florida.

Coullard, Gary - Eng (Later Ch. Eng. w/ WWL-TV)

Cuccia, George (D) - Camera (Retired)
73038 Military Rd. Covington, LA 70435

Darby, Bart - Announcer (Later freelance in N. Y.)(Retired)

De Louche, Ivy

Devillier, Flo

Diliberto, Buddy - Sports Anchor (Later w/ WVUE-TV, freelance radio)
1517 Rita St. Metairie, LA 70001

Dolan, John (D) - Sales (Was w/WWL-TV, later returned to WWL-TV)
136 Magnolia Blvd. N.O. LA 70123

Domec, John – Engineer, later Producer/Director (Retired)
19660 Sunshine Ave. Covington, LA 70433

Donnaud, Sidney - Sales Promotion

Dorrity, Ed – Continuity

Drauch, Bill – Engineer (Retired)
1500 Homestead Ave. Metairie, LA 70005

Drauch, Nan – Reception and PBX. Later in California

Dupre', Art - Operations Dir. (Retired)
1313 Huron Ave. Metairie, LA 70005

Dupree, Sandra E. - Sales
6415 Derbyshire St. N.O. LA 70126

Durand, Eldon - Continuity

Dyer, Wendell

Earhart, Ann
P.O.Box 160 Abita Springs, LA 70420

Edwards, A. "Hal"

Edwards, Richard - News Anchor
2441 Cumberland Court N.O. LA 70114

Enzone, Elaine

Falgout, Joseph

Falzerano, Chester - Promotion Mgr.
6802 Willow Lane N.O. LA 70127

Ferrette, Herbert U., Jr. - Props
8300 Palmetto St. N.O. LA 70118

Filiberto, Tony

Fletterich, Terry (Now Rowe) – TV Hostess “Midday”, “Mrs. Muffin”.
Later Golden Age reporter on ABC’s “Good Morning America”
P.O.Box 38 Star Route Hancock, ME 04640

Floyd, Elizabeth - Secretary (Engineering, Lindsay Riddle)

Fontenette, Roy

Fox, Greg - Sports Dir.
6005 Boutall St. Metairie, LA 70003

Gassen, Betty “Miss Boo” - Music Librarian

Gattis, Marvin - Film editor

Gautier, M. J. - News Camera (Retired)
1009 Highland Ave. Metairie, LA 70001

Gauthereau, Richard - Announcer
1325 Kabel Ave N.O. LA 70114

Gendron, Clem – Weatherman

Gerstner, Terry – Operations Dir., later Producer/Director (Retired)
1325 Melody Dr. Metairie, LA 70004

Hendry, Reggie – Floor Director
Made many appearances as talent on “Midday”

Herrara, Mike - (Later w/WVUE-TV)
2509 Giuffrias St. Metairie, LA 70001

Hills, Carolyn - Secretary
2361 Urquhart St. N.O. LA 70117

Hix, Tom (D)- PD (After Ray Rich – before Jerry Romig)

Howard, Bob - Announcer/Talent "OUR HOUSE" aka Bob Hamilton

Howard, Jay (D) Engineer

Howard, Linda

Huff, Sheila

Huffines, Jack

Humphries, Bill
(One of the Royal Street Corp. financial experts)

Ireland, Adele

Irvin, Shirley – Building Maintenance

Johns, Foster – Sales

Johnson, Bernard

Johnson, Larry – Announcer (Radio)

Jones, Robert - News Reporter
(Later worked for Mike Kettenring…see "Kettenring" below)

Kampen, Alvin - Engineer (Later retired from WVUE-TV)

Kavanaugh, Marcia - News Reporter
2311 Mexico St. N.O. LA 70122

Kelner, Leon - Musician
(Not full-time employee, appeared on a half-hour piano music show)

Kelso, Iris (D) - News Reporter/Anchor
(later retired from Times-Picayune)
5250 Camp St. N.O. LA 70115

Kerlin, Rebecca S. – Secretary
7444 St. Chas. Ave. N.O. LA 70118

Kemp, Jim - News Reporter (later w/WVUE-TV)
4916 Daneel St. N.O. LA 70115 also 6312 S. Claiborne Ave. N.O. LA 70118

Kennedy, Royal - News Reporter (later w/NBC N. Y.)

Kettenring, Mike - News Reporter
Later managed 3 TV stations. Became Catholic Priest (when wife died).
Note: Likes to recall that as a young man (before WDSU-TV employment)
he worked adjacent to Lee Harvey Oswald on a production line at the
Wm. B. Reilly Co. (Luzianne Coffee). Calls that his only claim to fame.

Keyser, Jim - News Reporter

Kirchberg, Irma – Secretary

Kirsch, Annamae T. - Accounting
2212 Pecan Dr. Chalmette, LA 70043

Klotz, Frank (D) - Photographer (Retired)

Korbel, John - News Reporter, Managing Editor
(later w/WWL-TV)
5401 Rhodes Ave. N.O. LA 70114

Kramer, Larry - Camera (Retired)
81140 Robinson Rd. Folsom, LA 70437

Labat, Rene – Cameraman

Lala, Mike - News Cameraman
GNOBA Hall Of Fame
Later owner OLD NEW ORLEANS COOKERY in Vieux Carre'
4690 Galahad Dr. N.O. LA 70127 Also 727 Conti St. N.O. LA 70130

Landry, Dave - Producer/Director
1121 Sena Dr. Metairie, LA

Lankster, Al

Larde, Edna

Larson, Margie - Secretary (Special Events – Mel Leavitt)
Later P.R. in Baton Rouge

Latimore, Bennetta M. - Accounting
3817 La.Ave.Pkwy N.O. LA

Laubersheimer, Martha

Laughlin, Wm. L. - Eng. (later w/WLAE-TV)
141 Jaguar DR. Arabi, LA 70032

Lea, Robin

Leavitt, Mel – Talent “Byline” and Special Events

Lee, Calvin

Lena, Henry C. – Engineer (formerly w/WWL-TV)
3513 Marietta St. Chalmette, LA 70043

Lodato, Joe – Engineer
(later rtired from Navy civilian employment)

Lombard, Lionel - News Reporter
3427 Havana St. N.O. LA 70117

Lombardo, Terri

Long, John

Lorentino, Frank

Lovorn, Dixon – Gen. Mgr (after A. Louis Read)

Loycano, Steve - aka Steve Lord - Floor Director
later writer in Hollywood ("JOHNNY RINGO" and "LORETTA YOUNG")

Lyons, Daniel J., Jr. – Sales

Maggio, Vergie
5159 Westwern St. N.O. LA 70122

Manint, Henry – Building Maintenance and props
4758 Overton Dr. N.O. LA 70122

Martin, Dwight
One of the Royal Street Copr. financial experts

Matkin, Charlie - Announcer (radio)
Replaced John Gary as singer on "Midday"

Matthews, Marie – Reception and PBX (Retired)
GNOBA Hall of Fame
Started in building maintenance, became asst. to every
cooking show host. Later hosted her own cooking show.
2006 Foucher St. N.O. LA 70115

McGerry, Deborah - Newsroom Asst. (later in California)
254 Por La Mar Dr. Santa Barbara, CA

McMillan, John - News Reporter (Political)

Melancon, Kirk - News Reporter
Appeared on TV teen dance shows, became cub in WDSU Newsroom,
then Radio news director. Later became a political PR agent
7830 W. Laverne St. N.O. LA 70126
Also 5100 Elysian Fields Ave. N.O. LA 70122

Meric, Ann - Secretary/ Voiceover talent
3021 Rue Parc Fontaine Apt. 119 N.O, LA 70114

Metz, Thomas E. - Eng. (Retired)
19592 Sunshine Ave. Covington, LA 70433

Meyer, Judy - Secretary (Sports - Wayne Mack)

Michaels, Pat - News Anchor – First Esso Reporter on Ch.6
Became radio station owner in CA.

Midlo, Maury - Promotion Mgr.

Minge, Jeanne

Miller, Bruce - Sports Reporter (Radio and TV)

Mitchell, Joyce M. – Traffic
720 Whitney Ave. N.O. LA 70114

Mitchie, Jim - News Reporter

Mix, Madelyn – TV Sales (Later Mrs. Bonnot)
Became mgr. WNOL-TV, later mgr. WVUE-TV
3832 Lakeshore Dr. Mtairie, LA 7000

Moisant, (?)

Monroe, Bill - News Dir. Became host of NBC "MEET THE PRESS"
GNOBA Hall Of Fame

Moore, Betty – Accounting
2108 27th St. Kenner, LA 70062

Morris, Dorothy L. – Secretary
1756 Newport St. Kenner, LA

Mogilles,Roxlyn - Newsroom Asst.
1013 N. Galvez St. N.O. LA 70119

Murphy, Bob – Announcer

Musseman, Glenn A. – Engineer
585 W. Lakeshore Dr. Carriere, Ms 39426

Nassikas, James

Nathan, Jeanne - News Reporter
2326 Esplanade Ave. N.O. LA 70116

Nelson, Ed - Floor Dir.
Later starred as Dr. Rossi in network "PEYTON PLACE"
series and also appeared in several feature movies.

Noel, Sid "Morgus" - Talent (What else can we say?)

Nolan, John

Nora, Winthrop – Building Maintenance
2714 Clio St. N.O. LA 70113

Nunez, Richard – Carpenter

O’Brien, Bob

O'Brien, Tim - News Reporter (Later w/ABC News, N.Y.)

Okin, Phil

Olivia, Adelina - Secretary
3443 Esplanade Ave. Apt. 234 N.O. LA 70119

Orshefsky, Barbara S. - Promotion copywriter
3441 Esplanade Ave. Apt. 562 N.O. LA 70119

Page, Sam - Announcer/Talent
"CAP'N SAM", TV kiddie show host

Parham, John W. - Sales
4200 St. Chas. Ave N.O. LA 70115

Pate, Noah – Building Maintenance
7021 Pritchard Pl. N.O. LA 70125

Payne, Frank

Perez, Charles

Perrin, Robert - News Cameraman
Later freelance cameraman
5245 Colliseum St. N.O. LA 70115

Perry, Don (D) - Film Processor (Retired)
1432 Sixth St. N.O. LA 70115

Pinot, Theodore "Teddy" – Engineer

Planer, Ed - News Director
Became NBC "TODAY" news director, then head of
NBC News London bureau. Later w/ U. of Chicago.
1093 Linda Lane Glencoe, IL 60022

Podgurski, Mike - Photographer
6300 Cambridge St. N.O. LA 70114

Poplous, Sam – Building Maintenance

Prather, June

Prats, Susie

Price, Charles – Sales
Quatrevaux, Twinkie - Secretary (Engineering – Lindsay Riddle)

Rames, Stan - Graphic Arts
Later freelance artist in N.Y.

Ramagos, Margie

Ramsey, Doug - News Anchor (Later in L.A. then Tacoma, Washington))

Ray, Frankie – Talent BR>
Later featured in network "COMBAT"
series w/ Vic Morrow and Shecky Green

Reither, Tina - Promotion Asst.
2262 Mexico St. N.O. LA 70122

Rizzuto, Mercurio J. "Buddy" (D) - Cameraman (Retired)
70435 Fuchsia St. Abita Springs, LA 70420

Rizzuto, Liz

Roberts, Ep – Weatherman
Nash Roberts’ brother and owner EP ROBERTS INSTRUMENTS Co.

Roberts, Nash - Weatherman (Retired)
Started with WDSU-TV soon after sign-on. In
early 70s moved to WVUE-TV then to WWL-TV.
Who cares what the weather bureau says,
N. O. wants to know: "What does Nash say?"
406 Airline Park Blvd. Metairie, LA 70003

Robertson, Robbie - Floor Director
Vera Massey's husband…see “Massey” above

Jean Rogers

Romig, Jerry - PD and Prod. Mgr.
Later P. R. person w/ Charity Hospital)
5957 Marshal Foch St. N.O. LA 70124

Rottman, Bern - News Reporter

Rouselle, Bill - News Reporter
First Afro-American TV reporter in Louisiana
Later co-owner of Bright Moments Adv. Agency

Rowan, Ford - News Reporter (Now in N. Y.)

Ruiz, Rosemary - Secretary (News)
1451 Pressburg St. N.O. LA 70122

Ryskamp, Yvonne

Samul, Joe - Camera (Later Director w/ESPN)

Schultis, Robert - TV Sales Mgr.
Later established ad-agency

Sciacca, Sandy M.
810 Ursuline St. N.O. LA

Scott, Ken – Announcer
Starred in "THREE FACES OF EVE.” Note: Seriously injured on set in
Japan…accidentally shot in face by Edmund O'Brian while filming another
movie. Gun "blanks" hit Ken. He recovered and continued acting career.

Seaver, Gordon – Engineer

Shaeffer,Bob - News Reporter

Shea, AL - Talent, "MIDDAY" producer
Featured as "Deputy Oops" on Ch.6 kiddie show
726 Orleans Ave. N.O. LA also 653 Morningside Dr. Gretna, LA 70053

Sherman, Marie – Reception and PBX
326 N. Olympia St. N.O. LA 70119

Schiff, Steve - News Anchor...aka Steve Summers

Slatter, Bill - News Anchor
Became a news reporter "talent scout" for NBC

Stanley, Bill (D) - Announcer (Retired)
320 Wentworth Blvd. Lafayette, LA 70508

Steele, Jim – Announcer
4829 Ithaca St. Metairie, LA 70002

Steigler, Irma – Secretary (Administration – A Louis Read)
1319 Broadway N.O. LA 70125

Steinbrenner, Walt - Graphic Arts

Stern, Edgar - Owner and builder of WDSU-TV (Retired)
Box 2687 Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Tankersley, Kenneth - Engineer (Retired)
725 Herald St. N.O. LA 70114

Theriot, Suzanne

Thompson, Jo Durdin – Secretary

Tio, Maria M. - Intern
2815 London Ave. N.O. LA 70119

Tobin, Pat – Talent (Singer) and Women's Programming Dir.

Trellis, “Diddie” - Talent
This young performer was murdered in her home!

Van Dyke, Dick - Talent/ Announcer
We can only wonder whatever became of him!
c/o Wm. Morris Agency Suite 108
151 Cossino Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Vncent, Charlene - Secretary
6235 Gen. Diaz St. N.O. LA 70124

Voorhies, Dottie – Production Asst. Terry Fletterich (before Ellen Hardeman)

Wagner, Bob - News Reporter
Wrote and narrateted the Emmy winning "KKK"
Later moved to WALA-TV Mobile, AL

Wallen, Robin – Sales
3201 Rue Parc Fontaine Apt. 2704 N.O. LA 70144

Weiss, Hubie - Prod. Mgr.

Wells, Susie B. – Building Maintenance
7443 Prytania St. N.O. LA 70118

Wester, Al - Sports Dir./Anchor
104 Lark St. N.O. LA 70124

Wexo, Richard - Sales Mgr. (After Bob Schultis)

Weyse, Bill - Producer/Director

Wilmot, John – Announcer
7112 Coliseum St. N.O. LA 70118

Wilson, John – Announcer
4918 Michoud Blvd. N.O. LA 70129

Woolfolk, Julie - Graphic Arts
921 State St. N.O. LA 70118

Yaeger, K. James - Gen. Mgr.

Yuja, Emily - Traffic Mgr.
2503 New York St. N.O. LA 70122

Zeidner, Betty - Secretary (Engineering – Lindsay Riddle)

Zewe, Charles F. - News Anchor (Later w/ CNN)





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